December 11, 2023



Top 3 Habits Of Self-Made Millionaires

Pursuing Their Dream

80% of the self-made millionaires pursued a dream or something they were passionate about.

67% put their dreams and goals in writing.

62% focused on their goals almost every day.

Engaging in Daily Self-Improvement

88% committed to 30 minutes or more of self-education reading.

54% focused on trying to improve their vocabulary.

86% were interested in learning new things.

76% exercised 30 minutes or more every day, aerobically about four days a week. It also includes maintaining good health, which contributes to increased productivity and earnings

Rich Thinking

An optimistic outlook and a positive mental attitude help navigate the many challenges of pursuing big dreams

Recognizing that success isn’t solely determined by genetics or intelligence. It’s more about grit, determination, and mindset.They believe in the inherent goodness of successful individuals, debunking myths that label them greedy or malicious

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