December 11, 2023




Meet from left Coach Mwende, Mdm Pauline Njoroge, and Ms Doreen Wanjiku who are now driving courtesy of online work.Coach Mwende (Caroline Mwende) was once an employee in Tala Machakos being paid 22k a month as salary. She knew nothing about online and decided to give it a trial. In a span of 4 yrs she manage to award herself a car courtesy of online work while the people she left at work the highest is now being paid 35k.Mdm Pauline Njoroge who did Supply chain management as a course and started on part time as a student. On her graduation she came 9n board full time and during covid she also awarded herself a subaru G4. She is no out to drop Cvs but to create job opportunities.Ms Aqua originally known as Mdm Doreen Wanjiku did procurement and after graduation could only get a receptionist job at 10k monthly salary. She started the business on part time since with such amount you can’t survive in Nairobi. She made a decision to do the business full time and in a span of 2yrs she managed to drive her first car Toyota Aqua hence the name Ms Aqua. From a salary of 10k to car achiever in 2yrs.

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