December 11, 2023



How to Create Leaders in Your Network Marketing Business

Leadership plays a pivotal role in the success of any network marketing endeavour. A good leader not only inspires and motivates their team but also guides them towards achieving their goals and realizing their full potential.

Leaders are MADE and not born.

If you had met me back in my college days you would have never guessed I would have been a leader. Actually when I think back to my basketball playing days in college, I cringe at how stupid I was a player because of my “lack of leadership.” Leadership was the last thing that you would associate me with.

Leadership is Developed Over Time

The good thing is that Leadership is DEVELOPED over time and anyone can be a Leader.But just like learning anything (like swimming, biking, playing the piano, etc.), the more study and practice leadership, the more you grow as a leader.And how do you “practice leadership?”You practice and be a Leader by being an example to others.

5 Core Daily Production Activities

1) Marketing: Building Your Contact List Everyday

Whether online or offline, you have to meet new people EVERY day

2) Prospecting

After you have a relationship with your contacts, make sure you prospect them

3) Followup

Followup with at least 5 old prospects everyday. I devote at least 2 hours of training on how to properly followup in Component 6 of THE S.O.W. SPONSORING SYSTEM

4) Self Development

Spend at least 30 – 60 minutes a day on improving your skills

5) Talk to Your Team

TeamTalk to your upline, downline or crossilne everyday. Success does not come to hermits on an island.By doing these 5 Core Daily Production Activities everyday, you will become successful in network marketing very fast.Just do it for 30 straight days and you will see miracles in your network marketing business.More importantly, you will set an example of excellence to everyone in network marketing and you will become “That Leader.”

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