December 11, 2023



How to build a website from scratch in 4 steps (for beginners)

01. Define the goal for your website

Whether you are creating a business, blog or portfolio website, defining your website goal will maximize the benefits of your online presence. A clear understanding of your objective will help you shape your brand identity and determine what assets and design effects to include on your site. This may be different depending on if you plan to monetize your website or not. Elements you may want to consider when creating a custom site

02. Design your website layout

Using a low code no code website building software, you don’t need any code (or in cases of no code, very little) to create your site—it’s already built into the interface. Your website development is take care of for you. Additionally, WYSIWYG software like the Wix Editor reveals real-time design changes and edits to the user interface. You just need to choose your website template and develop a solid idea of what visual elements you want to include on your site. Then, compile all of your website design ideas to create one cohesive layout. You also need to design whether you want to create a static website or a dynamic one and think very carefully about how to incorporate user experience design into your process. This is where the bulk of your work lies.Therefore, we’re going to break down how to make a website from scratch into actionable steps you can easily follow.Tip: Learn the ins and outs of building a website with the Wix Editor with this online course. Or check out how to work with Wix headless, an open-source solution, for web developers

03. Prioritize your content hierarchy

In order for your visitors to feel comfortable and at home while browsing, it’s important to keep your site as organized as possible. Think about hierarchy here: you’ll want your most eye-catching and important content to be placed above the fold (in other words, the area that’s visible on your website without visitors having to scroll).Furthermore, take note that some of your readers are only skimming your content. To make their lives easier, and to make your content stand out, consider how you can optimize your design so your audience can get the most out of your content.

04. Optimize for SEO.

A professional, engaging website conveys credibility and reliability and allows you to market your business online. While the process of creating a website from scratch may seem a bit daunting, you can actually create a customized website all on your own.No matter what type of site you want to make, this complete guide on how to build a website from scratch will guide you through the process.

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