December 11, 2023




I am Mutea Evans. A computer science graduate with a deep interest in online marketing and Networking. 5 years ago,while in my second year of study, I called myself for a meeting and thought ahead regarding my career. After some research, I realized that hundreds of thousands of people had successfully completed the same course i was taking. Surprisingly,only a small fraction of the people were living the lifestyle i was dreaming of. More than 90% were either unemployed, in jobs they don’t like or actually hate or in self employment.

 Simply put,the majority of them were just surviving. I wanted and still want more from life. I therefore knew my chances of living the lifestyle I badly wanted were very slim. I had no choice but to start looking for an escape plan and that when I realized the only people living the life I wanted to live were in business. That realization opened  my mind and I spent my free time researching about Businesses. I had neither the capital to start a business nor business skills. I think the most I had done was writing a business plan in campus. I however didn’t let that limit me because I knew there was a way out somewhere and was willing to do anything to find the way.One day,while making my searches on facebook, I came across a post by a stranger who is now my upline talking about online marketing. I saved his phone number and communicated with him via whatsapp and he invited me for a online business training that turned around my life. I got exactly what I was looking for and was reassured that my dreams were valid. The 2-5hrs daily I had at my disposal, I used them to learn as much as I could in order to build my GIF business. 

My Goal was to ride a Super Bike ,Driving a good car, buy properties and be earning at least ksh 100,000 per month before graduating from campus.(Very realistic goals in GIF). Before I celebrated my fourth year in GIF business,all the above goals had become a reality. My most recent Toy was a car that I bought a little over a year ago (A subaru Impreza Anesis). This would have never happened if I was not consistent to my business in GIF. I would like to sincerely thank GIF management led by the very able CEO ,mr Kimathi Kamundeh and the entire GIF family for making my story possible, am forever grateful. Through GIF services,many have been able to set up online businesses and take their existing offline businesses online and that’s a huge contribution to the Economy. Many young people have been empowered to start making a job replacing income online offering a solution to the unemployment crisis in the country. 

If you are new,i want to encourage you by reminding you that every chicken was once an egg and every king was once a crying baby.We all have to start from somewhere,Just start.

Guide me👉👉