December 11, 2023





Hello, Am Doreen Wanjiku a kenyan citizen by birth, 24 at the writing of this article. What intrigued me to write my story is to inspire you the reader  how I bought my first car in 2yrs working online. So that you can also believe in yourself enough that your dreams are valid. So let me take you to how it began:

I did procurement and graduated with honors expecting a high paying job just as we’d been promised while in school . So when i graduated  I started looking for a job on to land on one of 6k a month as a receptionist. Other office activities I had to do included : Office Messenger, Technician, Trainer, Paper work and tea girl. Of course I did my all roles with diligence since i was learning how to manage an office through the process.

I was still living with my mum and I had to play a role in the 8k rent settlement monthly. I had to do potato peeling at a local cafe @50bob daily in the evening after work as side Hustle just to make ends meet. 

I was having more month at the end of the  money, I don’t know if you’ve been there, so by date 15 I had to loan friends to survive and i really didn’t like such life. Towards the end of the 2nd quarter of 2019, my salary increased to 10k monthly but still it wasn’t enough as needs increased with money. I even had to apply for 50 jobs online 3 times a week after work; looking for greener pasture but none yield friuts… 

By this time, a friend of mine Mr Denis Mutie who had travelled to Nairobi earlier than me had ventured into a network marketing business with GLOBAL INTERNET FORTUNES.  So every time when am from work I could join him and his best friend Mr Patrick Wambua so that we could walk home together. We had to walk for some distance before boarding a matatu to reduce some fare cost. 

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But every time when we were going home they could talk about a given lady by name Caroline Mwende. The way they talked about her intrigued me to want to meet this lady who is that out going  and is interested on others’ success positively.One day I made a decision to visit their training just to see this unique lady and I was inspired . I just said I will do anything to be like her. I joined the business on part time basis while still working.

So every evening after work I passed through the office to learn skills on my business but still I wasn’t having the best business mindset since I was listening to my friends and university friends who used to tell me how such businesses never work and how I’ve been conned. Infact colleagues at work thought I had been washed. So it took me 4months to get serious in the business something I regret spending 4months listening to friends. I had to even move out from home since I was slightly reaching home late, so avoid issues with parents I moved in with a lady friend of mine to share rent. 

When corona arrived in early 2020 we had to work from home at half a salary and during this time is when my business took a different path for the better. I now had more time to coach my team and my team size and income started increasing exponentially not arithmetically. And by the time we were to resume work. My 10k salary a month I was already making that weekly in my business. So I decided to fire my boss to focus on my business full time. Of course the boss didn’t believe me .. How can I quit job when others are losing theirs, colleagues at work thought I was mentally ill or dwarfed. My parents thought I needed attention of family pastor can  I move out and before long quit my job!

So I came in business full time around Aug 2020, and one of the stories that inspired me was the one of Mdm  Caroline Mwende ; we call her COACH MWENDE who had purchased her car End of 2019. So I started running my business full time under the mentorship and coachings of my mentors MR. DENIS MUTIE , MR PATRICK WAMBUA and COACH MWENDE

The classes they gave me including how to save money , I managed to purchase my car too. An amazing toyotta brand  TOYOTA AQUA KDE 835U for a lady who was broke by early 2020 now driving her first car.. There are millions of Kenyas there who were broke early 2020 as me and are still there now . When I bought this car on November 23rd at 1305hrs. At first i didn’t beleive this was happening to me. I had never dreament of driving in my 20s .

When I drove to my former work place they didn’t believe , My frineds who told me to quit in my first months started sliding to ask how it works ..I wasn’t washed after all , it was  REAL DEAL. Even those who joined my business in first months but decided to listen to their friends and quitted started slidding back in my DM to tell me how they reget listening to the world and quitting the business, some who even left my business to go to other programs thinking the other side were greener pastures were also not left behind they regeretted a lot making the big mistkes of quitting and switching concentrations to other briefcased programs.

I just sat down and asked myself this question, what if i could have failed to be part of this business and said I have a job What could have been my fate when my two two friends Mr Denis and Mr Patrick were buying their first cars??. I could have been filled with regrets. Don’t let this happen to you too 

 When someone invites you to see a network marketing business it’s because they want you two to Succeed together and they see great potential in you. 



I want to take this time to thank the engine behind the GIF system MR KIMATHI KAMUNDEH , the CEO and Founder of Global Internet Fortunes for coming up with this amazing system where a broke girl like me could drive her car in 2yrs. And also for being a down to earth person who puts our  interests ahead and comes down to coach us, encouraged us during down times alongside being a millionaire and have all the money but still comes to the office daily to ensure everyone is progresing in the business. I haven’t seen such in the job sector where the CEO steps down to support the growth of a smaller staff or worker.. Thank you a lot dad for the goal setting sessions we had together and the mentorship you’ve been offering me and the entire GIF FAMILY


This lady and gentleman I lack enough words  to describe the overwhelming support you have given me. Your words of affirmations and being present at my bottom is what has made me who I am today. I will live to make you proud. Thank you coach and captain.


These two duo have been and instrumental part in my journey. These two have played a very important role in my success story. They were and are still always available to show me the right way to follow. Am glad they too have also bought their first cars this year. It could have been great regerets for me if I couldn’t have gotten started to see them buying their first cars. Don’t allow yourself got through that by watching your friends getting started while you still mark time to use them as marking scheme.


To all the entire team rockstars I am nothing without all of you.. My new found family. You have taught me patience, consistency and being a go getter. I have become a better leader just because you guys believed in me. My only goal is to support all of you to get to my level and beyond. To all my leaders Denis kibet, malvin Koigi, Ruben kariuki, Hezron Adundo and more I know you are all up to the task. Let’s do it

5. Business  colleagues and partners.

I special thank you all my business Colleagues and a Heartful thank you to MR BRAYAN OCHIENG who have helped me put this story together and out here .. Thank you for always believing in me. I pray that we continue with the team spirit and conquer the world. See you at the top because the bottom is too overcrowded Business colleagues and partners.


Thank you for taking time to read my story kindly drop  a comment in the comment section. I believe you’re a great person with a potentially future. If you truly admire a best life then you have to do something new about it . And you need a mentor to succeed in any given field . Friends could be good to have but many won’t want the best for you so don’t listen much to friends when making decisions to start a business.  A job is good to have but it shouldn’t be your only source of income as job income may stop anytime and also it’s never enough for someone who wants to live full life .

Am ready to coach anyone ready to venture into my business because my joy is SERVING MANY AS SERVICE TO MANY LEADS TO GREATNESS.

Guide me👉👉