December 11, 2023





One day during my holidays, I got a text from Bryan telling me about an online business which I’d been referred by my friend, Morgan whom I knew well. Back then, I engaged in a lot to make ends meet for me in Campus; as you know always, we campus guys, we do bet a lot, so I’m not an exception, I did a lot of betting, something which I lost a lot of money: Then came a time that a scam program called Public Likes came to be born, people showed me and lured me with their earnings, and because of my long time quest to work and earn some money online, I looked for the entry fee, then joined it blindly, and like a wrath from the gods, I joined and the first week passed, then before earning anything, the second week, Public Likes was brought down,very unfortunate it was for me.So when I was invited to training, I never made any excuse; remember I’m a typical Kenyan, so I asking some few questions I surely did; questions which my inviter answered well, and so I prepared myself and the next day presented myself for the training.I carefully evaluated the whole presentation,and I surely saw that I was in the correct place and all the quest I had of working online was answered to the fullest, so I never looked back or inquired anything from anyone after that; the burning sensation in me was just how I can join the business and that’s what I did, I just looked for the amount and got started.My life has really changed greatly because of the business, as I can now buy my own things, pay my own rent, cater for my bills and feed myself, help my other siblings who are in high-school and much more; I’ve also grown upstairs as the company has opened my eyes and mind through exposure to business liked minded people and many materials which motivates me the more in life.I’ve experienced ups and downs in the business, but I’ve always believed that, WITHOUT CHALLENGES IN OUR LIVES, THEN WE CANNOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING;at one point my business was at a standstill, I remember walking in the morning to the office from estate covering around 12km+ to come and assist my team and help our guests and members, but sometimes, I reach the office very tired only to be told by downlines whom I was supposed to meet and assist that they had some commitments and they can’t come, so I go on and help on appointments and closing then set in the evening for home on foot because of lack of fare, but I never stopped there, I wanted always to come to office so I was always coming to assist and build my business without giving up.I’ve got a lot of rejection from my family and friends as my own brother told me that I’ll earn nothing and the business will never change my life even if I do it for how many years but now he is very disappointed as my business is working wonders in my life.

focus on her, and she called it quit with me claiming her feelings for me had disappeared this came at a time I was having the greatest downfall in my business and I needed even just her encouragement,but I moved forward courageously, built myself as I knew what kind of life I need in my future.I have also encountered people quitting my team; to be precise my team as the year 2018 turn into 2019 my team shrunk from over 80+ downlines to around 30 active members, but I kept going strong and believed in myself. Another storm came in 2020 and CORONA hit so hard, and we had to be in the house working business from home, getting to invite was easy but those people getting to be trained and join the business was not very easy at first before the company (GIF) came up with Zoom Presentation and that made things better and sales started to come in but lowly and I survived the year.I crossed over to 2021 my team shrunk again to 19 to 20 active members, but I was determined to build the business again. Sat down as team Billionaires Mindset came up with strategies and I also passed all that I knew to my team and we set to work the business out,then boom! The Team started to swell and by ¾ of 2021 my team had grown to 150+ active members and I thank my creator for that regardless of the challenges and out of that, I’ve made progress which I’m proud, one being able to help my brother who is in high school with school fees, paying my bills and much more and I’m looking forward to achieve much more with this wonderful

Guide me👉👉