December 11, 2023




Am Camillus Konjallo a Kenyan Citizen who went through the school system hoping for a better job at the end of the tunnel. Life wasn’t easy after school and that’s how I found myself as a fisherman at Dunga Beach in Kisumu County. At least I could earn a living but the future wasn’t promising. I wasn’t satisfied with the income and i felt like something wasn’t going on right. Therefore, thoughts of looking for greener pastures and something else to do came strolling in my mind and that’s when I decided to travel to Nairobi since In Ushagoo we believed Nairobi was the real deal.

On arrival to Nairobi, I struggled before getting a job as an insurance agent to be paid peanuts. The job was so demanding with lots of targets and goals to achieve within a given timeline which if you didn’t meet, the impact will show up in your end month paycheck. Yes, I was making some money but I lacked time to even spend the peanuts i was working. Sometimes I had to work for more than 15hrs a day in order to meet my targets. I saw myself going to the beyond early so i decided to look for something else i could do on part time to meet my increasing demands including supporting parents and siblings back at home.

Through my browsing on Facebook to kill boredom after work I came across the GIF opportunity and I was invited to attend a training to understand how the business works. After the 2hrs presentation something clicked in my mind and I said is what I’ve been looking for and i decided to resign from my insurance job to do a business i was only presented to for only 2hrs in full time basis.

Of course, my family, friends and colleagues at work at one point thought I was crazy but i needed change so I listened to my dreams and new found family. Business started and a lot happened but to cut the story in nutshell Within 3yrs in the business, I had achieved a lot; not just paying my own rent but i also managed to purchase my own machine Toyota Fielder KCP 837E.

You reading this can also do it If you believe in yourself and find the right opportunity. Get in touch with the person who sent you this link or the through the contact me page of this blog you’re reading this story in. And you’ll be part of my mentorship team and it will be my joy to coach you too.

Guide me👉👉