December 11, 2023




Caroline Mwende is a very confident, proactive and enthusiastic about a greater, brighter and productive life. A go getter who goes for challenges head-on and has a conquering mentality.  As a child, just like any other little girl I had dreams. I dreamt of growing into a beautiful woman, living a fancy lifestyle, flying to different destinations worldwide, driving a big nice car, living in a nice neighborhood and being able to help other people. I literally dreamt of being an independent woman, be able to do what I wanted with nothing limiting me. By excelling in primary school, proceeding to high school and finally graduating from campus with honours, I felt that I was closer to my dreams.

Little did I know that there is a lot involved in being successful and that our education system is overrated. After graduating from South Eastern Kenya University just like any other graduate, I was very hopeful and excited for making it through campus. What I didn’t know was the harsh reality outside there. Sooner than later I started writing my CV and dropping copies in any office that I thought I would fit as a social work graduate. Months passed and all I landed were internships and volunteer opportunities. My teachers, family, fellow students promised me that I go to school, get good grades, get a good job and be successful but this was not the case for me. In September 2015, I came across an advert on Facebook about online work . I booked an appointment with this stranger who is currently my mentor and attended the Business Opportunity Meeting. Just by entering the meeting hall, I knew that this was a great opportunity. Everything challenged me to be better, be the best that I can be. I decided to embrace the opportunity not so sure about how it would go. 

A month after starting doing network marketing, I found a JOB and now I was in a dilemma whether to take it or not. After doing some thinking I decided to take the job and do network marketing part time. What I have realized is that part time efforts give part time results. After nine good months of doing network marketing part time and being in a JOB (Journey Of the Broke) I realized that I could never achieve my dreams by working for someone else. I needed to step up and work for myself full-time. I could only be my own boss by firing my boss then. In my job I worked from 8.00am to 5.00pm, sometimes I worked overtime to meet deadlines and this meant that the time to do my business was very limited. Come to think about it, I was working full time building someone else’s dream while working part time on my own dreams. Earning a gross salary of 25,000 monthly that comes to 20,493 net pay after all deductions. Someone can think that this is good money but I agree with a funny quote I read somewhere that salary is something that comes at 2G speed and leaves at 4G speed. The moment you start spending the first cent, it is all gone.THAT’S WHY I FIRED MY BOSS AND BECAME MY OWN BOSS Today courtesy of my Global Internet Fortunes business I have coached and mentored hundreds of youths, bought my first car and living a great life. Am yet to achieve all my dreams but the future looks amazingly bright.  I love the services that GIF offers to the market ie blogs, websites, domains, web hosting just to mention but a few. 

The GIF management, leadership and coaching has enabled me to learn so much about money, wealth creation, dealing with people and other important life skills. THIS IS A UNIVERSITY WITH NO WALLS.  In today’s world I strongly believe we need an awakening to this one fact that everything we desire and dream about is right in front of us, all we need to do is go out and get it. I am courageous enough to go out and get what I desire, I am bold to go after my dreams and I challenge you to do the same and thank me later. To became fearless and believe that you are destined for greatness.

Guide me👉👉