December 11, 2023



7 Tips To Avoid Burnout As An Entrepreneur

Tip 1: Set boundaries

Using this one powerful word will make your life so much better: “No.”Protect your time with the intensity of a secret service agent. Don’t allow work to bleed late into the evening or into weekends. Don’t take the sales call on a Sunday. Don’t spend your Saturday mornings optimizing your social media pages. Avoid the 5 p.m. espresso because a client has an “emergency,” and you must keep working.Great productivity requires great rest. And great rest requires time away completely disconnected from the business. Give yourself permission to take that time.

Tip 2: Eat healthy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve crashed at 2 p.m. during a fully booked day because of my choices in food. While it’s tempting to opt for fast-food options or the doughnut plus coffee combination for breakfast — Avoid at all costs.To keep your small business operating smoothly, the engine needs the proper fuel. As the founder, you’re the engine. Your energy and efficient use of time is critical. Don’t allow sugar crashes and junk to make the work day tougher.If freeing up time to create a proper meal is tough, consider meal prepping so you have healthy and quick food options when you need them most.

Tip 3: Have a support network

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, especially for those in the early stages.Only 55% of people start businesses at any point in their careers. And only a small fraction of those care enough to take it seriously. So, finding entrepreneurial friends can be a tricky endeavor.But the journey to building a business is long, and having a support network can make all the difference. Do your best to avoid viewing other entrepreneurs and industry peers as competition. Join masterminds. Attend local networking events. Make friends through social media.

Tip 4: Practice gratitude

growth mindset is required for success, and a positive mindset is, too. Giving our best to staff, contractors and customers is impossible when we’re in a negative frame of mind.One thing that helps me maintain an uplifting view is the daily practice of gratitude.I take the time to write down three things I’m thankful for every morning. Whether it be a business opportunity or my dog’s health, taking note of the good things going on in my life makes every down moment easier to swallow.

Tip 5: Delegate as much as possible

When I started my first business, I tried to do everything myself.The good news? I developed an enormous amount of skills. The bad? I worked so many hours I would occasionally curl up in my bed and cry big, sloppy tears. The sheer amount I had on my plate was overwhelming and resulted in an uncontrollable release of stress.But one day, I realized this was entirely self-inflicted. I was putting more on my own plate than necessary.

Tip 6: Remember your why

Every (good) business has a mission beyond making money.It’s to improve the standing of a particular demographic for a certain cause or so the founder can better provide for their loved ones. Whatever the reason, odds are you started your business with a vision that goes beyond money — a larger purpose.

Tip 7: Prioritize exercise

Some of the most important:

✅Improved cognitive performance

✅Increased ability to focus

✅Lower stress levels

I also want to remind you that one of your goals as an entrepreneur might be to sell and exit your business one day. And with those riches comes the desire to enjoy them.Make sure your body is capable of living your dream if the opportunity presents itself.

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