December 11, 2023



6 Proven Ways to Close More Sales in Network Marketing

#1 Magic Words

Every person has their own set of special words, words that they use to define and express emotions from time to time. Such words are called magic words. Within the first 5 minutes of a meeting, make an attempt to identify their list of magic words and slip those words in, wherever they fit naturally. Magic words build connection with the prospect and the connection closes the sale.

#2 Point out Similarities

Our mind works on the basis of one simple formula. It tends to trust those who are like us and with whom we can find certain similarities. When you start a meeting with your prospect, keep your eyes out for things that you have in common. Once you make a mental note of those things, point them out as you speak. Never try to prove yourself superior in meetings. Proving that you are the same as them is what would help you in closing the sale.

#3 Smile

smile is a universal symbol of love and appreciation. Even when in a different country, where language barriers come into the picture, a smile is what comes through to most. It opens the door that logic and reasoning can never open. The more you smile during a meeting, the more probable it is that the sale will be closed. A smile indicates likability and trust and is thus an asset to both your life and business

#4 Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact while speaking with your prospect is a must in every meeting. Your eye contact reflects your honesty and confidence and thus, the more frequently you make eye contact, the higher are the chances of being trusted.

#5 Yes Stack

Research shows that once you start saying ‘Yes’ in a meeting, the more likely it is that you will continue to do so. Ask simple questions that any person would rationally say ‘Yes’ to and once you collect a pile of yeses, your main proposal has a high probability of getting accepted

#6 Head Nod

A head nod is a commonly acknowledged gesture for ‘Yes’ or Acceptance. Head nods are contagious and hence, if you start nodding your head, the other person will also start doing it eventually.If you are looking to enhance your sales-closing skills really fast, I’m sure these easy to implement techniques would work wonders for you! Once implemented, don’t forget to leave a comment mentioning which one worked the best for you.

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