December 11, 2023



5 Reasons Why You Need To Start your Network Marketing Career

  1. Low Start Up Cost

You can start a network marketing business with either very little investment or no investment at all. In most cases, your initial investment you are required to pay as start-up capital will not even come close to your earning potential – which, if taken seriously will pay out much more compared to other types of businesses.

2. Leverage

Leverage is by far the single most important advantage in a profession like this by allowing people to work smarter, not harder. Most people wish they had more hours in a day; however, in the same 24 hours we all have, you must work to generate income, you need to sleep, you need to be with your family or loved ones, you have to focus on your health and the list goes on with life obligations. Most people typically work eight hours a day at a job – most times, at a job they don’t even like. In exchange for time, employers pay a set wage. Some employers pay employees for units of a product produced or sold – commission based and sometimes capped. Either way, employee wages will always have a ceiling.Understand network marketing – network marketing companies pay their distributors for work done by other distributors. Similar to Bill Gates as he built his company by creating and owning a system. When he sleeps he makes money, when he drives and he makes money, when he vacations he makes money. Do you think he goes into his office much? No. So by systematically increasing the number of active distributors/business builders in your downline, your income will increase, and as your system grows the number of hours you work will decrease making time for you to spend any way you wish. It is definitely well worth your time to build if you have big aspirations.

3. Passive Residual Income

You could have all the savings in the world but when that rainy day comes your savings will eventually be depleted, then where will that money come from to replace it? Network marketing is an opportunity to build an ever-increasing passive residual income. If people understood what residual income is they would break through brick walls to obtain it. Passive residual income is only made possible by leveraging as mentioned above. So by leveraging on other people’s effort and time, a large residual income is possible because you’ve helped them to do the same. In this business, it’s all about duplication – not just a President or CEO sitting at the very top of a company while everyone works hard while he or she benefits. It’s about people helping people and when you help others to build a passive residual income you bet that you deserve the same. You become successful only when you have helped others become successful.

4. Time Freedom

A huge disadvantage of the traditional 9 to 5 is the lack of time freedom. When an employer trades you money for your time you are no longer free to come and go as you please; you clock in and clock out and you are at the mercy of your boss. In the cash flow quadrant, don’t get Self Employed mixed up with Business Owner. Self-employed means that you now ‘own’ your job because if you don’t work you don’t get paid. Being self-employed means that there are no more 2-week pay cheques, the hustle becomes real and you become a slave to your customers.When you are a business owner, you are creating your own system and as you build your downlines in network marketing you begin to solidify your system, much like Bill Gates as mentioned before. This is a great profession for people who have children, or other obligations, where the normal hours of a 9 – 5 will not allow and keep in mind that when you work from home, or eventually on a beach, you have cut out wasted commute time. In this glorious profession, you choose with whom you wish to work with, when you want to work and best of all where you want to work, now couple that up with a leveraged residual income FREEDOM to do, be and go wherever you wish, whenever you wish, never ordering from a menu based on the right hand side ever again!

5. Personal Development

This one is my absolute favorite because when I worked corporate if I didn’t take it upon myself to grow within it wouldn’t happen at work and it’s no wonder I left corporate, my vision became too big and clear! I was lucky to be introduced to network marketing when I was 19 years young and because of that I was exposed to a ton of personal development and as I grew within, my businesses flourished! To become a leader in this profession all network marketers are prolific readers; as the saying goes, ‘leaders are readers’. Network marketing diversifies you in skills that a traditional job doesn’t focus on such as public speaking, coaching, mentoring, how to relate to others, etc. Network marketers also grow spiritually regardless of their religion because in this business it’s all about your belief systems. Traditional jobs will train you and develop you just enough that you say confined to their corporate walls because why would they want you to leave when you can be building their empire while making someone else’s dreams come true?

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