December 11, 2023



5 Reasons Why We Want to Achieve Success

  1. We want to achieve success because it is a part of our life plans.

Success is strongly related with our life plans. We can distinguish certain milestones in our plans, like graduating, getting a desired job, starting our own business or new relationship.

2. We want the output related with certain success.

In many cases we want to experience benefits related with the achievement of a certain goal. In our minds, we have a strong association between these benefits and a state when we are successful.This association causes our success to be desirable and enjoyable.

3. We love the taste of winning

Achieving success is a very positive experience also because it adds value to us and pumps our egos. Achieving success is like personal victory.People love winning. It is very natural. When two children play a game, each of them want to win. It is not important if there is any material prize.They don’t need any additional purpose.

4. We need stimulation

Knowing that there is a purpose, a goal we want to achieve, it stimulates us to act. The more challenging goal, the stronger success feeling is related to it.This way, we can get a better motivation to achieve bigger goals and we get additional stimulus to self-improve, grow personally and learn to handle challenging goal.

5. We find success as a solution for our problems.

Enjoying success is a very positive experience.It can weaken influence of other, bad experiences in our life. We often find it easier to act in one direction, when we expect success, while we avoid handling different, unpleasant problems in our life.What is important is that we are often unaware of this mechanism as it mostly works on unconscious level.Now, one more time ask yourself questions from the first part of this article. Is it easier now to answer them and identify your reasons?

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